Friday, July 31, 2015

ZackWooz Is Kounting Down

After 2 weeks of scouring the world for our missing woozband member, we made our final stop in Cairo, Egypt today. After collecting the final item, we were asked to find the place where we thought Zackwooz was hiding. This involved an eye for detail... Or a Yeti dressed as a steampunk!

At the Nepal unit, we went into a cave that housed a very heartbroken Zackwooz (Pictured below). He says "Farewell" to himself and speaks about his heart break, which literally hit me right in the feels! Then, possibly to our surprise, Zeena appeared and told us to leave. We also recieve a Jenny Locket symbz (Also pictured below)

(Lets take a minute to notice how cute this is like seriously I'm #ShippingIt so much right now)

Zeena takes Zack into another room and we made the slightly questionable choice of following them into this room. In the far end there's a hospital bed and near a contol panel, Zeena is saying that it is almost done before she notices we have followed her. Before she gets too angry, Mya Jenny and Jay (But no Max!) arrive to help us save Zack.

Zeena says it is too late, and then Zack comes out from behind the hospital curtain. He turns to face us and we can see he has become Kount VonClockz again. Jenny tries to no avail to make  Zack turn good and come home again, but he blocks her out. The quest ends with and AlarmClockz counting down to a fake explosion in order to scare the woozband away.

This brings me to my theory! I think that Jenny will turn Zack good again and they will fall in love (again!) and get married. Max will move on (to me because #tobax FTW). Meanwhile, Jay and Mya realize they do like each other and end up dating.

Anyway that's literally just a theory based off who I want to see dating in the Woozband! What do you guys think will happen? Who do you want to end up together?

I'll keep you guys updated!