Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Catching up with Woozworld

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here, finally back from vacation <3 <3 Today we're gonna be doing one of the regular "Catching up with Woozworld" posts with short summaries of the recent events.

Petz of the Week

We'll start of with this week's Petz of the Week hosteds by JennyWooz on Saturday! Lets give a huge round of applause to Reckless and her pet Casanova, going for the mime look which she definitely pulled off well. The theme of this week's Petz of the Week was Where you're traveling, and Reckless with Casanova are obvious fans of France! On stage, she presented a Poem, which was amazing.

Star of the Week

As usual on Sunday Mya hosted her Star of the Week, with the theme European style. The winner was HopelesslyCoping with her amazing outfit and beautiful green color code! Congratulationz. 

Unitz Design Contest

Jay posted his new theme for the unit design which is, probably as all of us thought, Europe! Don't forget to submit a short explanation of where you're traveling, <3.

Woozworld Warriorz 

So recently I updated the "Join us" tab to actually work (yas)! I'm looking forward to see your applications and currently we have two bloggers on trial: Eva and Mary! I'm sure you'll be seeing many posts from them starting now. 

Another thing is that the blog is currently under construction! New Exciting things coming soon but thats for another post ;)