Monday, August 10, 2015

Are YOU Woozworlds Next Superstar?!

I don't know. I'm not the animators.
Until Nex-
Okay I'm joking. Hello everyone its Snows and WNS 2015 IS HERE! I am super pumped about it, Just saying.
So here's whats happening: Live Entertainment Inc. (I see what you did there) is looking for Woozworlds Next Superstar, and this is where the woozens come in. 4 major names in LIVE will be looking for rising stars under every Genre.
The Genre's are: Pop with JennySwift. Rock with MAX5, Dance/Electronic with Mia, and HipHop with Jayrell.  What us Woozens have to do is Head to our Favorite Music Genre of them and click the golden pods to join that team, then Submit a Woozified name of a person/band of that genre, some explains are Panic! In the Plaza, Yeti Perry, Zihanna, and BeexYonce. Then each team's Leader will choose 5 names from each genre to move onto the 2nd round of competition. Now, lets get into the rules of it!
-Up to 5 users can be part of a band. If more than 5 are submitted, only the first 5 will be considered.
-Only 1 member in the band should submit the name
-Be creative with your band name
-You can be in more than 1 band, but not selected twice. Meaning if you were in Fallout Beex and Panic! in the Plaza, only one of the bands will be in the final 5,the other will be disqualified from participating.

You must be signed up by August 14th or it will be to late. For More Information don't forget to read the blog Article on it here

May the Best Superstars Win!