Monday, August 10, 2015

WNS Fashion

This weeks collection just came out and I must say it is fabulous as always! There are 8 total outfits in store, 4 new and 4 old mixed-and-matched outfits for the 4 music genres.
The new outfits are only 1/2 new, 1/2 old due to some of the Fashion-Team being on vacation (During the last full month of summer X_X).
The new outfits are inspired by Demi Lovato (DeMyaLovato), Taylor Swift (JennySwift **As usual**), Drake (Jrayke) and as for Maxmance I have no clue X_X.

The old outfits are a mix of WNTM and old WNS outfits, R5 and Justin Bieber serving as inspiration for 2 of the outfits.
So how will you rock the stage this year? Stay tuned for more WNS action!
Lots of love