Friday, August 14, 2015

Its A Panda Bear

Aye wittle pandas...or warriorz xD -panda warriorz- I'm CosmicThunder. I'm not a trial blogger, I've been on this blog for a while but I couldn't post because *cough* I was never *cough* given a day to blog on like everyone else. So here I am now.

Facts about me:
-I am a Woozguide, so feel free to message me on woozworld. I check messages more than PC because I refresh a lot.
-I have my own youtube channel CosmicTVproductions. You can go ahead and check out my videos if you'd like. I upload new videos often.
-I am a panda bear. So don't refer to me as a human xp
-I love anime A LOT.

What I will mainly post about:
-New upcoming woozworld movies/shows
-Interviews with woozworld Directors.
-Tips on how to get started into video editing
-Ways to stay safe in woozworld and have the best possible "stay" you can have in woozworld.