Sunday, August 16, 2015

Catching Up With Woozworld | August 10th-16th

Hey guys! Ressy here once again with another "Catching Up With Woozworld" <3

Monday, August 10th

Let's start with this Monday! It was when WNS was finally announced and the new outfits came out. You can check out TJ's post about the new outfits right here! Snow explained in her blog post all about the new WNS, be sure to check out her post to find out more about this talent search!

Not only did on Monday Mya announce the start of WNS, Jenny also announced the theme of her new Video Challenge, Which is obviously themed after wns, creating a music video, solo or with your band, for one of the genres! The due date is today, 12 p.m., so if you still wanna submit a video, be sure to do it fast. 

Tuesday, August 11th

This Tuesday not only did JayWooz host his IDesignz, but Woozarazi also released a new Inside Scoop on what is going on in the LIVE Industry... and apparently our WzW High Teachers have a lot to do with it! The CEO fashionista... or as we previously know her: Lady Wooz! And that definetly isn't all because guess who's with her, Janitor Beex now known as producer beex. Woozarazi is suspecting a possible love growing between those two... but will we ever know for sure? Find out more by reading his post on WoozWeekly.

Jay's Idesignz theme last time, Europe, brought some very beautiful units into the finalists, but off course before I go announcing the winners, I'd have to talk about Jenny's Pop Quiz!

That's right, Jenny released a quiz on Tuesday for all the pop-lovers to test their knowledge, and as Resolute the QuizMaster I am honored to help you with the answers c;

Start by clicking the lowest P in "Pop" and then go on to the questions!

1. gonna be alright
2. the bleeding sun
3. american dream
4. light the way
5. Meghan Trainor
6. that we got
7. in a bottle
8. to protect our home

After finishing the 8 questions, you'll get a special WNS Microphone Trophy and some beex (like omg how cool is that).

Alright, Alright, I guess you're all ready to hear the winners of Jay's Idesignz now. You can check out Charm's post about it aswell!

I really love all three of the units, congratulations to the winners and we'll all be looking out for Jay's next unit contest theme (cough cough spoiler alert its probably WNS)

Wednesday, August 12th

On Wednesday first thing in the morning Mya announced that BeMe will be visiting once again for an exclusive interview... explaining about how to overcome to "Back to school blues." 

At 1pm, right before the show, Max opened his Rock Quiz. Ressy QuizMaster at your service c; 

Start by click "k" on the music tiles, and then go on to the questions!

1. darkest skies
2. but you will remember me
3. a weapon
4. just keep your eyes on me
5. there's nowhere we can hide
6. say your prayers
7. all sound the same
8. just not for long
9. at the start
10. Metallica Megadeth

After finishing the 10 questions, you'll get the special WNS drum trophy and some beex once again c;

The BeMe visit was great and Mya even got a F.A.B. picture. Check it out! 

Thursday, August 13th

Wow Mya is sure early on Thursday! Starting 12pm, Mya opened her WNS Dance Quiz, quizzing you about you skills in Dance Knowledge c; Well, as mya says, "fashionistas" and "fashionistos" are you ready for the answers?

Begin by clicking the "E" on the music tiles, then go on to the questions!

1. David Guetta
2. Have a good time
3. Dark Horse
4. Wave After Wave
5. Fire Away
6. Lean On
7. Forgive you
8. Im All Yours
9. Just Admit It
10. Land and See

Once again, you'll get a special trophy (that looks like a hawt, gorgeous music note) and some beex! ;D

Ok well, moving on to the ne- Wow Wow Wow what? What? Max's VIP Map Game? Psh who wants to here abo- Ok ok ):

Well, this Thursday Max hosted his amazing rocking map game only for VIPS at 5 pm. The first winners were purple team, and the second winners were blue team! Congratulations c;

Friday, August 14th

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on- ok ok I'll stop signing if u stop throwing tomatoes at me ):

It's Friday! Yaas! Well, first things first Jay hosted his WNS Hip Hop Quiz (I bet you thought I was gonna say I'm a realist), so lets cut to the chase:

Start by clicking the "H" in Hip and then go to the mastic questions!

1. beyonce
2. five more hours
3. cut the legs off him
4. the morning sun
5. No More
6. Trouble to Me
7. Soprano
8. Nicki Minaj
9. love it
10. Avicii

After the 10 questions, you'll finally get the last trophy to complete your collection, a piano trophy, as well as some beex o3o

Jenny also hosted the woozworld PoP Culture talk show this Friday, better known as What The Wooz!? at 5 PM. Off course she opened a doors a little too late... but who can blame the kawaii gal? 

I bet you're all excited for this! FUNKY FRIDAY! Gummy, Gummy and more Gummy! Which by the way is still in shopz (Shhh dont tell Mya c; ) 

Check out Snow's post on the new items in Shopz, and trust me it's not just the candy themed Funky Friday ;D 

Saturday, August 15th

Yes Yes YES! If you've read Snow's post you already know that Woozkea is back in Shopz, and better than ever. If you haven't read it yet... READ IT. NOW. 

JayWooz hosted "Truth or Tale" at 11 am, Like wow omg who even wakes up that early -_- (Actually ressy a lot of peopl-) :c I'm a heavy sleeper!

It was a lot of fun... I think <3

Sunday, August 16th

Huh? Wait? It's already Sunday? What? But that means monday is... That means...

But don't worry, Mya definitely kept this last day of the week fun with her gawjuss Star of the Week Show!

Let's start with me saying Mya very very punny today when announcing the finalists ("ROCKED the rock style" <3)

The theme was WNS Outfits, and today Mya started a bit earlier than usual, 11:30 am the doors opened. 

I'll start with announcing the Finalists:

DahRock, DahliaFlower, xElliot, and VictoriaHeart!

But off course... the person you've all been waiting for... (I know I'm making this relly exciting)... the star of the week... (Also the bad quality photo).... NIKKILOVEVOT! Her outfit was off the scare, combining Jenny's pop hair and Mya's dancing dress, she was a winner above all.

Congratulations Nikki! Hopefully, we'll see your amazing fashion at the show again, maybe as a judge?

Well Warriorz, if you haven't noticed, that's the end of pretty much the whole week! I hope you enjoyed this post, and remember to, as Mya says, "Stay Stylish xx"