Sunday, August 30, 2015

SOTW Beatdown: 2

Hey guys, it's Ollie! This is the second article of: SOTW Beatdown.

Firstly, I'd like to start with two of my favourite fashionistas that are in a relationship. (The aww's are in order, people!) Let's start off with ladies first: 


Can we just appreciate how well put together this outfit is? Sierra made the blue werk, probably the best outfit on the runway I mean, look at it. The skirt compliments upper body so well, Sierra really went all out with her fashionistaness, the only thing I'd change is; the heels. I'm not a huge fan of platforms without definition, so, Sierra should've of had worn the MyllieGoulding shoes. It'd match the skirt perfectly. Other than that, loved this edition to SOTW. (No wonder these two came joined second, how cute!) I'd score this a 10.

Secondly, the favourite guys outfit displayed by Itching (Sierra's bae, *SHIPS*)


Top scoring boy this week at SOTW, well deserved I must add - you might even say he was Itching to run that runway ... My jokes make me cringe. Let's get back to business, David/itching was rocking out with this backwards cap, great choice in colours... apart from the jeans, I'd go with a dark version of that shirt colour he was wearing. I'd score this a 9.



Vampy's outfit hit all the right spots for Mya, this is a TRUE rockstar look. I love the punky attitude that Vampy added, with that shirt she made the hairstyle look so punkalicious, ha... I forget I can't do jokes, oops. I'd only change the shoes, once again... Kinda obsessed with the MyllieGoulding shoes, they would go with pretty much anything; but the tights would go so well with it. Overral, I'd score this a 10. Nice job Vampy!

Third place:
Lyk4a and BruceCadez

Ladies first:


I love love love this colour code. I'm not sure if this was the outfit that you wore to SOTW... but I like how you worked that shirt. It looks awesome, especially with the shorts, it makes it so adorable. Only thing I don't think I'd change anything, this outfit fits so well together, as for it matching the theme though is another story. I'd rate it a 7 for WNS, outside of WNS it'd be a 9. Congratulations on 3rd


I really liked this outfit, it went well together, everything matched. Although, I'd add some grey to the shoes just to add that extra dimension, this is truely an outfit fit for a kpop star, I mean, it's a great outfit. No wonder you were one of the top boys, this was so well put together, congrats for being 3rd Bruce! I'd score this a 8.

Over and out, your SOTW reporter, Ollie93.