Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bundles of Joy!

I may be crazy but I am literally screaming with Joy because of these bundles. Everything in these bundles I have been saving up for, and sure enough they're in shops! These bundles are all WNS Inspired and they sure are Bundles of Joy. Currently, there are 6 bundles in shopz (Pictured below) but more are to come!!

Some of my person favorite items that were in the bundle include:

  • Spar Hair
  • Pumpkie Leggings
  • Bubblegum POP Shorts (With the exception of the disappointing color issue)
  • WNS Straightned Hair
  • WNS Ponytail
  • WNS Short Dress
  • WNS Wedge heels
All of the items inside the bundles are transferable, but keep in mind Bundles cannot be gifted. The bundles vary in price range from 800-900 Wooz.


Also today, many VIP's got their new hair! I am in love with it and I think it is super cute! The only downside to it is the coloring off the headband. The headband is very bright-colored, so when it is colored it appears shinier than the rest of my outfit. 

Here it is!

Have a wonderful day everyone!