Monday, August 17, 2015

WNS Finalists!

Hey warriorz, Ressy here! Today the WNS finalists were announced, but they weren't posted on WoozIn.... so I'm here to help u guys !!!


1. AC/BeexC
2. All Time Symbz
3. Beex-182
4. Black Veil Beex
5. ParaWooz


1. Demi Woozvato
2. Harry Stylz
3. Little Beex
4. Yetifur Lopez
5. 5th Yeti


1. MaJay Lazer
2. Woozish House Beextia
3. Zana Del Wooz
4. Zeendaya Wooz
5. Zack U

Hip Hop

1. 50 Beex
2. Lil Woozayne
3. Nicki Mayanaj
4. Yeti Wap

So, who will you guys be going for? Whichever band u pick, remember to choose wisely since you can only have one choice c; Good Luck for all supporters and for all bands!

<(:D)~ Resolute ~(C:)>