Monday, August 17, 2015

New Outfits ~ 8.17.25!

Hey it's Ally here! Today I want to post about the outfits, but before I get to that I decided to talk a little bit about the Music Video Challenge since it just ended. Entries for the Challenge are now closed, but results will be posted soon. Does your band have what it takes? I bet it does! Always remember, even if you don't win, that doesn't mean you did bad, you could have been amazing!! Best of luck to all you out there! (Pop music for the win, of course!)

Most say Monday is the worst day of the month, but Fashionistas on Woozworld think otherwise! Monday is the day the new fashion comes out in store of course! I am so excited about the new outfits, I just want to share them with you today.

First off, Congratulations to these extremely talented woozens who created fashionable outfits better then I could even imagine... ha. I wish I could see everyone's outfits just so I could be even more jealous. Remember once again, just because your outfit wasn't picked DOES NOT MAKE IT BAD!! So many woozens enter these competitions Woozworld has to narrow it down. Every woozen on Woozworld is extremely talented, never give up!

The first outfit!
I think this outfit is AMAZE! My personal favorite part it the crop top.

The next outfit..
This is my personal favorite outfit. I LOVE the hair, not because I'm a big fan of Ariana, just Cats (Call me a crazy cat lady, but it's true!)

Now for the first boy outfit...
Well the only thing I notice about this outfit is the description is not in English. Other than that, the outfit is awesome!

Now for the last outfit of the week... Max's!
Let me just say I love this outfit, and if my boyfriend was wearing it in real life, I would cry with joy.


I want to congratulate all these Woozens for their AMAZING designs! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU are just fabulous! I hope everyone has a great day full of new fashion.