Thursday, August 6, 2015

Woozworld WNS Units | Permanently in Shopz!

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here! If you guys haven't been on Woozin recently you haven't seen that Mya added new WNS units to shopz....
... and it's been confirmed by JayWooz that these units are here to stay for... like... FOREVER! 

Jay said at his Freestyle Cafe today that these units are here in ZeChic... so they're here permanently! So take your time (but then again you never know what might happen -_-)

So if you guys are low on wooz, or maybe are planning to buy a card soon but worried about these units being gone soon, BE REASSURED that you can blame Jay if they're gone anytime soon <3 <3 <3 (jk but seriously its not my fault)

Well, that's all the exciting news I have time to share with you guys today! Be sure to check out the units in shopz, and make sure as Mya says "Stay Stylish xx"

 On a completely other note ....... Ressy has to go socialize with the outsider humans in 30 minutes.... oh help me god ;-;