Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WNS Style Scoop - WNS Edition

Hey guys, it's Ollie, posting because of one of our top bloggers Resolute being forced to be healthy.. gym, ew.

Okay so, Mya is doing some absolutely fantastic modelling.

We had a voting system, one side for Max, the other for Jay's. Jay was first, as shown below:
This Hip Hop outfit will be worn by JayWooz

Next up is Jenny's pop outfit, a really cute hair with a flowy dress:
Cute, right? This will be worn by JennyWooz. - Jenny turns pop alongside Taylor Swift, Jenny's no longer country.

MaxWooz's new outfit, loving the punky feel, I know for sure what I'll be buying

Lastly, Mya's outfit; honestly this is on point. Love it! 

Mya's Demi inspired outfit.. beautiful, right? Props to the design team, looking forwards to next weeks outfits.

Signing out, Ollie93.