Friday, September 4, 2015

The Week of the Shopz

Guess who has to report an entire week of shops! (If you dont know... its me)
So Lets get started w/ the Typical Funky Friday (which is going back to Wacky Wednesday for the school year... don't see why because most players cant get on in the middle of the week)
This Weeks Funky Friday is Cat Hooides!
Okay... Im Kinda In Love with these hoodies, and Im so sad that I'm at a short of Wooz,or I would totally buy it ;-; Curse your IRL Money problems!! *Shakes fist at sky* 
Next up is the newest clothing of the Zechic yo-self! And Boy, did things go cute! 
I will admit, I am IN LOVE with the hair in the top right corner, It is soo cute and so casual, I can see it going with, at least 10 outfits (But I'm not the fashion expert)
NNOOOWW to the bulk of this post. This week,in celebration of WNS, new bundles were added to shopz on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And I shall tell what each one is! But First. LARGE PHOTOGRAPH! 
On Monday, The Microphone Symbolz, the HIP HIP HOP Outfit Bundles and the Bubblegum POP outfits were released for 800 wooz per bundle.
On Tuesday, The outfits of the finalists were released (both genders) For 1000 wooz for the bundle. (Stealing someones outfit idea then selling it for 1k wooz... mixed feelings) 
And on Wednesday, The 2014 Boys and Girls Outfits were released for 900 wooz per bundle. 

*Catches Breath* okay, I think I got everything, Woozworld, I love you, but please dont do such a large shopz update all at once on me D: I beg you. 

If you need me, I'll be recollecting my sanity.