Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ghoul-O-Ween !

Well then... it's been a month since I posted... (pzl dnt murdr me warrior senpais). I apologize, it has just been such a busy month!

If you're confused about the title, then I guess you don't know about the new update in Woozword...

ghoul2015_mummyghoul2015_vampghoul2015_frankghoul2015_goblinGhoul-O-Ween is officially here! Last year, we saw Woozinis and Beexta lead their nation, Cortoza, to victory in the war of the Nationz, but now... looks like Cortoza has another problem to deal with... and we're here to help them! Just as it says on the image, you will be able to transform into one of the four ghouls, and you will also be able to infect others by using the symbz you receive and clicking on its effect!  By the end of the month (or specifically, November 2nd), the ghouls with the most infected will win and receive a special prize (ooooooo).Your appearance will change if you get infected or if you join a ghoul group. If you aren't much of a ghoul person, there is medicine in store that allows you to change your appearance back to normal, or you can also do the same by wearing the new Anti-Ghoul hairstyles in Shopz! Well, directors, looks like you're gonna have a hard time getting you actors into their costumes with this new update (maybe you can do a special ghoul edition episode c;). 

That's all for today! I hope you make it you GOAL (ha see what I did there) to lead your team to victory! Good luck, Warriorz, and this is Ressy, signing out (is that what the cool kids say)