Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Win SOTW?

Today, I'm going to teach you how to win SOTW. 

First off, you've gotta have new outfits, VIP (if possible,) a mouse, and a computer.

Secondly, you've gotta look the part. If you look at almost all SOTW winners, you'll see that they've had a unique colour code or look - this is because you'll be more memorable. Judges are more likely to score you higher if you look like an individual.

Dress the season, say if it's winter, look at some winter colours, styles, lipstick colours, hair colours, etc, all on google images. For example, a grey sweater, with a cream scarf, blue leggings, brown boots and brown hair. DON'T EVER FORGET MAKEUP! It doesn't have to have the same colour code as the rest of your outfit! Dark purple is always good for winter.

Mix and match. Whenever I judge at SOTW, Mya always says to me 'could do with more mix and match' - she's right, every outfit could do with mixing up. Either use the outfit from the week previous, and the current weeks outfit, or use both of the current weeks outfits and mix them.

Now back to basics, I bet some of you are like "but how do you get into SOTW?" Well, I'm going to link a video by "Penny Wooz" here.

And that's how to win SOTW - or place. Always use colours that compliment each other, don't be afraid to ask me on Woozworld about your outfit for tips, your blogger, Ollie93.