Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving / Shopz Update

Hey guys!
So as well all know it's pretty much the best holiday of the year here in the USA (Hello, it's a holiday dedicated to eating your heart out) which means stores everywhere are about to slash prices for the Holidays!! So for all of our American Warriorz-- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! What are you guys thankful for this year?

Back to those slashed prices-- Woozworld just announced their latest Black Friday Sale lasting the 27th - 29th.

This means 2x the wooz, 2x the outfits and even more time as a VIP member! Maybe this could be the future store prices, considering the mysterious survey that they held several weeks ago post management change... But enough speculation about the future of Woozworld's Store, lets move on to the new outfits!

This week we have 4 COMPLETELY new outfits made for the grand finale of WNTM.
Mya can be seen sporting the chic-but-serious Giselle ensemble. The skirt, inspired by the 2015 WNS Ariana Grande outfit,  literally is flawless. It works so well with the blazer and glitter tipped heels. Did I mention how much I love these shoes?? shoes > life
Jenny is wearing a more casual, November-esque look (CaraDeluxe) that sends me subtle reminders of Spring... Layers on layers of fabulous, along with more glittered tipped shoes. I'm sensing a trend here! Clearly, Woozworld's shoe game is on point this week!
Max is rocking out in the punk BGBNG. Another undercut hair with long sweeping bangs to really add a mystery factor to it's model. The muted sweater however, looks warm and welcoming --and really really comfy! But the BEST part of all? The fabulous pants! They're edgy but they're so different and it's just yes. I would totally buy this outfit just for the pants honestly!
Meanwhile, Jay is a classic good guy in Rockisimo. The hair gives off this early 20th century vibe that I'm dying over (partially because the early 1900s are amazing)! On top of that he's sporting a fabulous long sleeve, 1/2 stripped shirt. Sadly, he has no glitter on his shoes unlike his fellow friends... But this look is definitely amazingly adorable with or without glitter!

What outfit do you like the best this week? What are you thankful for this year? And are YOU excited for the impending Holiday Season??

Lots of Love