Friday, November 27, 2015

Im Back! And Shopz Had too many Updates

GUESS WHO ISN'T DEAD! (If you answers Snows. congratulations. you get a cookie!)

Hey Guys! Its Snows and Im actually alive (I blame school for all my problems)
(I mean seriously.. to much homework. Let me plllaaayyy!)
Where was I... oh right Shopz update! Shopz didn't give me a break at all. I mean they added sooo many tabs. I feel like they are doing the old Woozworld furnitue sets things again, because They have Living Room, Bathroom, Boutique, Calling Kitchen next. 
LOOK AT ALL THE TABS THEY ADDED! Woozworld, why u do dis to me!
I shall go in order of the tabs as they appear, sooo, lets do dis!
Starting with Beauteak, (puns. woozworld got them)
I mean... what did you expect?? I do love the design of all the items, if only the displays works as a shopz podz as well, that would be really cool IMO.

Next is the Woozworld Next Top Model Tab, this is a pretty small tab Im su-
IT HAS 5 SUB TABS?! Okay... calm down Snows.. I'm sure they only have one pa-
30 pages... Woozworld why did you do this to me ;-;
In all seriousness, Woozworld brought some old items back for each catagory and I'm really happy to see some back! They brought back comfymas, the Arctic Fest Outfits from 2014 and 2013, some of the outfits that came out during the summer are in Beach Fashion, and the pajama sets from the pajama design contest came back !

Okay... next on the list is Ouach... Still don't get this pun...
Its a bathroom set... Not really sure what I was expecting... I mean its Tab Icon IS a toilet... still looks FABULOUS!!

Next up is my favor of the new sets. Kohzie DANG IT I JUST GOT THE PUN!
In all seriousness, I love this set to death, the couches look beautiful, the bookselfs, lamps, just everything in this set is so well designed and I LOVE IT <3

Finally is the Dyztopian

I am so happy they brought back some old fashion, some new furniture is sprinkled in, some old units, its just overall, a nice combination of items, making a fabulous tab! 

Alright. I think that's everything... Woozworld, I love you, but please dont do a giant shopz update when Im gone <3 
Talk later Lovelies (When I'm not downing in school work)