Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WNTM | WHO is at the top?

Hey guys its Ressy here with a fab post about WNTM! Remember to check out Ally's post about what WNTM is about and how YOU can win c; Today, we'll be looking over some woozens that I've noticed have stood out based on the amount of Fanz points they have. Remember though, winning is not necessarily just about the points, Mya did mention she will be checking on the popularity of boutiques and activity of your mentoring units. Now let's get on with the post!

Let's start with gorgeouschiqq, who currently is the only woozen that I know of with already 5 million fanz! You may also know her by the name Alexis or possibly by the name of her other woozen, sheenakisaragi. The great role model who motivates people to look at the beauty inside continues to rise to the top; her beautiful boutique (which is most likely under construction since the prices are still set at max) has made an impression on me for sure. Hopefully it begins to gain more popularity soon, this unit could sure use some love.

Don't forget about Alexis' boyfriend Jakejetbootz, who though has not earned as many fanz as his beautiful girlfriend, still is coming quite close to 5 million! Working together with their friends, the couple has managed to gain fanz points at the speed of light (hopefully this contest won't break them apart and instead bring them closer); remember to check out Jake's WNTM Boutique, and maybe if you're quick enough, you'll get to see him inside as well (Many woozens with the Woozarazzi symbz come in to help him out by activating it and leaving! Are you going to be one of them, or is there someone else you would like to support? We're always interested in hearing your opinions, so be sure to tell us in the chat to the left, who YOU are supporting for WNTM, even if they aren't mentioned)

Next, we have a tie between PrincessAnaSofia and Wziefs- but though Wziefs is currently off, Ana does not loose determination and continues to go up in her number of fanz! (Sometimes we're concerned whether all these people even sleep ;-; health first!) Both are very close to Jake, and looking at photos that were recently taken, Wzief spends a lot of time around our WNTM top couple (nothing beats teamwork, especially in a contest like this)! Though Wzief's boutique unit is currently empty, you can check out his beautiful mentoring unit anytime!

Next we have -Marshmallows-, very close to Wzief, and I'm not just talking about the fanz! The group of four friends seems unbreakable even as they rise to the top towards WNTM! Marshmallow has a beautiful boutique as well, called Marshy's Medium 'n' Rich Rare (talk about creative titles, wow). Her purple makes the boutique absolutely amazing, and herself as well (those eyes <3).

Coming very close to Marshmallow, we have Stacy164! Seems like they have been going back and forth between who gets 5th place ;o I guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow and see who makes it to the top 5 c; Stacy has a beautiful, golden boutique and also a mentoring unit that you can visit any day. Though having been inactive for quite a while, WNTM has got her back into WW, and hopefully her persistence continues to grow throughout the contest!

Well, that's all guys! I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you think I forgot anyone who's higher than these woozens, than please message Resolute on WoozWorld or say so in the WzW Warriorz chat! Ily and remember to WERK IT!

<(:3)~~ Ressy ~~(C:)>