Wednesday, November 25, 2015

(Almost) All you need to know about WNTM!

Hey everyone, it's Ally (Awsomenessme). Wow it's been so long, I'm sorry!

Today I am going to be talking about WNTM (Woozworld's Next Top Model) and yes... it's a little overdue... oops.


Anyways!  If you don't know what WNTM is, it's basically the search for Woozworld's Next Top Model! First you begin at stage one. Simply go to Central Plaza and enter the first agency, the lowest, but don't we discouraged! You work yourself to the top W.M.M, Woozworld Model Management.

There are 5 different Agencies:

1.) OMZ Model Group
2.) Lookz
3.) Yeti Agency
4.) Luxx Connects
5.) W.M.M (Woozworld Model Management)

There's a lot of info of basic information about WNTM and I'll try to convey it to everyone as clear as possible. As you progress up Agencies, you gain fanz. The top 5 Woozens with the most fanz will get chosen for the top 5.

How to Gain Fanz

As I said earlier, you gain fans as you progress up the agencies. However, there is only so many agencies quests. After you finish, Mya will explain ways to get fans. I'll go over them again just to help you out.

  • Help and be nice to others- Hopefully this is something our Woozworld community already does. Now you must be nice in order to gain some star quality!
  • Woozrazzi Symbz- This is a Symzb you can buy in store for $1.99 USD (Price may vary depending on your location) What this symbz does is give a small amount of fanz to others when it is activated. All you have to do is put on the symbz, click activate, and everyone in the unit will receive fanz! The owner of the symbz does not receive fanz, only others. If you go to unitz entitled "Woozrazzi Freelancer", many people will actively. active their symbz
  • Making a Boutique- This is pretty simple. There is a section in shopz for boutiques, however I made my entire boutique before that section of Shopz came out using Woozkea, so there's lots of options. Mya is checking on popularity, so make sure your friends come!
  • Fashion Mentoring- This is a unit you make to help other woozens bring out their inner model. Most people are actually just having Woozrazzi Freelancers as their "Mentoring", but you could be the real MVP and really help others!!


The prize for being WNTM is huge. It takes lots of work, dedication, and kindheartedness to get to this point. The prizes are listed here! (All Information from below came from the "Top Model" Section in Wooznews)
  • Featured in WoozNews and Store for 3 months
  • Co-Host "The Late Night Show" with Mya for 3 months!
  • All of November Store Outfits totally free
  • 1 Year of free VIP
  • 5,000 Wooz
  • One free store outfit of your choice for the next 3 months
Furthur Questions about WNTM or Woozworld? Message Awsomenessme! (Awesome is spelled wrong) 

Thanks for Reading guys! I really wish the best of luck to everyone who is seeking to be the Next Top Model. Remember, it's not just about being a Fashion Model, but a ROLE Model.