Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Woozworld's Woozmas" Is Culturally Exclusive?

As you may have seen, December has brought all sorts of holiday buzz within Woozworld. Looking back on the past year, the woozworld community has taken some amazing steps in advancing the acceptance of all different kinds of woozens regardless of gender, sexuality, and even some strange interests and guilty pleasures. BUT; does this "Woozmas" bring a halt to the cultural acceptance of the game? Hear me out fellow woozens. Some items currently sold under the woozmas store are labled as "X-mas", purposefully taking the "Christ" out of Christmas. This shows that the holiday celebrated in the game is not based upon religion even though the core of the holiday is. So what is it that is stopping Woozworld from adventuring into the winter holidays of other cultures? Consider Chinese New Year, Kwanza, Hannakah, Bodhi Day, RabÄ«‘ al-Awwal, and many more. All these cultures tend to be neglected, and seeing as most english speaking countries tend to be melting pots of a sort don't you think its time to celebrate everyone? Don't get me wrong, I love Woozmas and understand that it's ethical background will be understood by most of the community but isn't woozworld a place of fun for people of all cultures? Off topic, but have you notcied that a hijab, worn by a large population of the world isn't even an option in the game to wear? This December I can only hope for more diversity within the shop items and holiday spirit and that within the new year more steps will be taken to make the game more culturally diverse. Thank you for listening! Chao!