Friday, November 27, 2015

WNTM | The Event!

Hey Hey Hey! Ressy here, reporting about WNTM, the greatest fashion event of the year!

This year Woozworld sold the tickets in shopz for 1000 wooz, and many woozens weren't able to buy the ticket to attend the event, so I'm here to tell you all about it. Other than the queue struggles, and Max's and Jenny's inability to make it to the event, everything went smoothly. Mya came late as usual, hosting the event with JayWooz.

I'm sure many of you are impatient to know who won WNTM, but there is something also equally as exciting that happened at the event! Please welcome, Woozworld's very own artist, Alias Pickle! I'm sure many of you have seen her instagram WoozworldArtists where she has many cute drawings as well as inside looks into future outfits. Check out the video below to see how it went:

Well, that was surely exciting- and if you watched the video, you already saw a sneak peak of one of the items and wait- what did Jay say? A sneak peak of the male on is on ig? Yaaaas.

Moving on, Jay announced that he saw very beautiful boutiques all around WoozWorld and is sad to see that not many got recognized for what they deserved, and so, he decided to host a unit design contest for Boutique! Be sure to enter c;

Now, finally, what all of you have been waiting for, the top five models! These were not just based on the number of Fanz, and were chosen looking at every piece of criteria, which would explain why some people with high amount of fanz did not make it to the top five. It was a hard struggle, and many people who put in their best were not able to make it, but I hope that you know that your hard work is what makes you winner, not a title. Having friends who surround you and being able to admit that you worked your hardest is the best victory one could ever wish for. Now, onto the top five!

The first to be announced was colours; Though she did not quite make it to have as many fanz as the rest of the five, she's been known for reaching not only to 500k first but also to 1 million, making her most likely in the top 5 collectors for quite a while, making her ultimately in the top 5 for wntm! Let's give her a large round of applause!

Next up, we have gorgeouschiqq, who collected the most fanz out of all the woozens! Though all the prices in her boutique are still set to maximum, it is finally public (yay)! Hopefully her creative mentoring unitz and her endless persistence will be able to impress you as much as me!

Don't forget gorg's teammate, Wziefs, having the 4th most fanz! Representing the male side of WoozWorld, Wz always stayed on his feet and worked his hardest to earn dem fanz. Congratulations; you guys should definitely check out his outstanding mentoring unit.

And we have Stacy164, having the 2nd most fanz c; Staying persistent when abandoned by her team mates, Stacy continued to strive for higher than their expectations. Though it seems that she did not yet refill the podz in her Boutique, it is still beautiful and almost as golden as you guys ;) you guys should check it out!

And finally we have... Bob the Plant! Yes, an amazing plant for sure... haha... jk next up we have Resolute (omg wow its me) who earned the 7th most fans and who has managed to keep her mentoring unit popular almost throughout the whole wntm (tbh I did nothing, you guys were the ones who stayed there and continued to support me <3 Ily all so much omg, thank you). Guess those eye bags were not for nothing.

Now , what you've all been waiting for.... Woozworld's Next Top Model Is.......................

Gorgeouschiqq! No surprise, her determination never ended shown in the high amount of fanz that she and her team were able to collect; her boutique was very beautiful designed and the mentoring unitz creativity was off-the-plant (because plants are awesome). I'm glad that this is our wntm, someone who clearly values quality over quantity, spending two days working in her boutique unit, even when she knew she risked it going unnoticed because of its late publishing! Though her mentoring unit never had the ability to gain popularity, it was definitely one of the best I've seen in a while! It is great to see that such beautiful creativity continues to live on.

Well, that's all guys! I hope you're having a happy Black Friday, and just 3 more days 'till we say Goodbye to November; await new updates and fun events in December; I mean, after, soon we will enter the Christmas season <3.