Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Toad Slime and Yeti Hurr!?!? New Zombeardtosis Cure!

Hey Guys! Jade here to talk about Woozworld's latest Zombeardtosis cure, so if you don't know by now woozworld is "infected" with the Zombeardtosis disease which causes woozens to turn into zombies and slime everywhere except your unitz! So the first cure which was found by woozens was to eat either a Gourmet jelly/sundae and then drink the Gourmet water, BUT this was a temporary cure that lasts until you change any of your clothes, and/or change the color of your skin. But after "Professor Preztige" with a little help of Max found a cure PLUS the vaccine and you can only get these in the store along side with a special gift. The special gifts/outfits are a Eva/Fil Hair for $1.99 including the vaccine and cure or the Zombiz outfits, WHICH IS NOT NEW, for the normal outfits range which is about 4.99 with the cure and vaccine and then the outfit packs as well.


But now there is indeed another cure, which is once again without the vaccine. This cure you have to go around Woozworld and find 5 ingredients to cure yourself but no vaccine because Woozworld insists that you must buy their vaccine =-= #Cheap 

Sadly, I do not have the location for those of you who want to find the items but as soon as I do I'll post them here on Woozworld Warriorz So make sure to look out for it on this blog <3 

But getting to the part what shocked me was some of the ingredients for this search including: Toad Slime and Yeti Hurr like omg bye. What kind of cure is this? This sounds way more like a potion/spell than a cure to me, but since its Halloween time woozworld just wants to change things up a bit, I have no problem with that but maybe next time be a little more sensible like please put some realistic ideas into your stuff Woozworld -flip weave- So guys make sure to check out Res' Fan Fics which is a new feature on this blog which is very exciting and interesting! And also you should check out TJ's hawt halloween collection ON THE BLOG. So bye and I'll keep you more posted on Zombeardtosis and Ever After High very soon! 

-Reindeer (;