Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quick Tips

I figured I should give you guys some cool new tips/tricks to enjoy Woozworld a little more! You don't have to do all of these or  anything but they can totally enhance your gameplay a bunch!

First- Find a niche! Essentially, try new things and see what you're good at! Some woozens are AMAZING on photoshop, Others have flawless video editing skills! Others like to tell jokes, go to or host events or help out! But finding out what you enjoy can take a long time, so don't worry if nothing works for you and don't worry if nothing on this list is a perfect fit for you-- There's plenty of different things to do!

Second- Don't focus on having hundreds of friends! It's okay to ave one or two super close friends or a group of friends! And don't worry about finding a best friend- it does take time to find one! Make sure your friends are good influences on you and the people around you, too!

Third- Find a good place to hang out! You might not be friends with everyone who goes there but you'll be able to strike up a samll conversation with anyone there after a while, plus people will be able to find you easier!

Fourth- This is totally unrelated but for those of you who don't know about it there is a way to pc people without following them. In the pc bar type /t (username) (Message) and hit send! If you're sending that pc to a woozguide, just remember, even thought the pc doesn't show up for you right away- we do still get the message so don't worry about sending it again! ;)

Fifth and Final tip of the day- Don't be a bully! Just because you're online doesn't make it okay to say rude things or offend other woozens. Plus the person you're upsetting is only human and still had feelings! Always show kindness to everyone even if they don't do the same-- Just because it is right to always be nice! :)

And before I end this post- I want to notify you that I will start doing weekly advice in which you guys can send me a message on Woozworld title "Weekly Advice" and send me what you need advice with- your question could be anonymously featured on the weekly advice post! I'll try and reply to each message too so everyone gets their own advice ;)