Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Fashion

Honestly, I don't know what my favorite time of the year is... Autumn or Spring! I mean both seasons have such great fashions and are like polar opposites of each other! But I have to say-- I'm seriously in love with what's trending this spring! Which means of course... That I have to show you guys some creative and fabulous ideas for your woozens to rock over the next few weeks!

 Casual Spring

So this is personally my favorite outfit just because it honestly looks so cute and chic and like something a regular girl would wear out anytime! The centerpiece of the outfit is  the pants because they make a statement but they aren't overwhelming to the eye. To make sure that it wasn't too much I went with a plain top and a simple hairstyle (from the new Spring Collection in Store).

Spring Sweater

Sweaters!? In spring?! It seems crazy-- but
spring temps can be pretty low sometimes! I decided to create a simple outfit based around the shoes (Because they're literally soooo adorable)! Of course it's the same hair as above, but this time there's a nice comfy sweater with some skinny jeans-- hopefully it isn't too warm of an outfit!

Three Sides Of Spring

Okay! Can I just say how much geometry must have been done when this dress was being designed! There's so many things I love about this dress! For starters it's casual and formal at the same time, depending on how you style it! I went for a more regal look, matching the dress with some fabulous heels but also making sure to sneak some color in there so it's not a totally black outfit! To finish it off I went with my now second favorite hair (Because honestly I am head over heels for the new hair) to keep it classy!

Stay tuned for more!