Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Trends

SPRING IS FINALLY UPON 99% OF US! Which of course means I need to make a post about spring trends.
First off, there are no pictures because I'm lazy and I just got home from a trip and secondly, These are literally things I saw in a mall yesterday that just UGH I COULD NOT EVEN!

R o m p e r s
Okay, these cute lil playsuits are seriously my life!They are great for staying cool and not having to worry about the struggles of wearing dresses and skirts plus allow for maximum mobility. Plus- They are so cute!! Honestly #Living for them.... <3

A r m y J a c k e t s
SO CUTE! They match with anything you can imagine like dresses, shorts, pants, nearly every top. Is there anything they can't do? They add an edginess and cute detail to your ensemble without making you look over-the-top or too fancy/casual.

F l a t s
Cute, casual, the back-up plan for when your 9 inch prom heels slowly kill your feet.... Plus totally spring. It's still REALLY too cold for sandals/flip-flops or wedges. But flats are girly, chic, go with anything and normally really comfortable! Literally my addiction..

B r a i d s
Braids are a great way to dress-up any look within like, 2 minutes. Cute stylish and they cool you off... What's not to love? Plus I am obsessed with Milkmaid braids! X_X (You can find a tutorial on Zoella's youtube channel)

That's all I have time to write for today, but normal posts will resume soon!