Sunday, May 3, 2015

Promy Week! And Cheesy Title...

Hey you guys! Ressy here. Are u as excited as I am? The title and picture really say it all, It's Prom Soon! ~does a little happy dance~ Recently, Mya announced the decided theme of Prom: "Tell me when to Glow" Neon Rave! Fun Fun, but not only has the THEME been decided, but there's also a new design contest Neon Rave Formal outfit today and send it into the pods in Woozworld Plaza. This time you can submit both a boy's AND a girl's outfit, which really engages me to do both! Mya can't wait to see the designs you guys send in, and I honestly, can't wait to see the designs that win.
made just for us, woozens, to send in our designs. If you didn't have much luck in the Spring contest, I guess this is Mya basically telling you that you can get another chance at this! Just design you

Another thing I wanted to talk to you guys about was these new revealed items for the next zechicyourself!

I'm not much of a fashion person, but these make me absolutely excited about the next ZeChic update, happening May 7th. Especially the Alice in Wonderland inspired hair, I've been waited my whole life for this <3 <3 I hope you guys love them just as much, I know I'll be wearing both of those hairs in the future, as well as maybe the dress to more formal events!

Hope you guys have enjoyed monkeying (see what I did there) around this week- Wait wait? You don't get the monkeying joke? Oh psh, that's probably because you haven't seen the new monkeys (or I'm just really bad at these jokes...) These are soo cute I could just die! And they come with accessories in the store as well, I'll let you guys see them for yourself, but here are just some of the features that woozworld brought with these pets! Juggling and... something about a pirate hat? Just go to this link to check out all the accessories and cool new things that were added for the kawaii monkeys. You can buy the monkeys in Shopz, but sadly the accessories are store exclusive. But trust me, they're worth it! 

That's all for today, and I hope that you had a great week, because I sure did. I'll see you guys in my next post!

~Resolute Out~