Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clique Quests! Pt. 1

HAI HAI HAI WARRIORZ! Ressy here at 3 am (dont ask why)! If you've read my last post, you know that I promised to help you guys with the Clique quests, so here I am c; c; c; Since you have to wait a day between quests, I'll be posting part one separately with instructions, but I won't be posting the other parts until I finish all of the parts so that I could make one big video for each clique!

Let's start with the DramaZ one, shall we?

Dramaz Clique Quests pt.1

The first objective is pretty easy unless you get confused with which door to enter!

Enter the door to the far right; once you scroll on it, the tag "WzW High Auditorium" should come up

After you enter, you'll have a conversation with four very.... lovely?... drama members. I recorded the conversations for you guys if you're in a different cliques and are interested in the story!

I ship those two so much. Did we see an outfit sneak peak in there as well?
You'll have to next go to the Drama Clique Hallway to exit the auditorium:

And tada! Time for the second quest! This one is pretty easy, all you have to do is click on the "start" for the new activity you got shown in this picture bellow:

After you've waited, you'll recieve the third quest (wow that was easy!)

For this quest, you'll simply have to walk into a unit with 10 or > people and say "Confidence is Key" or if you're lazy like me, just walk around random units and say it!

Oh gawd Res why were you so stupid you could just look at the woozen count!
Moving on, we see this quest, which is the last one for the day! You'll have to wait one day to recieve "Jay's Gift" which will then activate the next couple of quests. Are you excited for the next part? You'll have to wait for tomorrow!

Smarty Clique Quests pt. 1

The first quests are very similar!

This time the door is on the left, don't get confused ;o

You enter and meet some rather rude people; tbh #bullies. Here's the conversation that I recorded:

After leaving the library- (SHHHH!) ok ok I'm leaving!

Now, just like all the others, simply click "Start" and wait for the time to end

Study Groups Yay! Ok get out and go make some friends <3

Here is where you have to wait one day! Good luck ^-^

Athletes Clique Quests pt.1

Got my sporty outfit on, I'm ready to impress all 'em athletes, lets go!

(I swear I have abs, they're just under all this fat :c )

Start by going to the unit it says to go to like always! The door will be to the right one down(it's in the middle)

After listening to the rude conversations (I'm really loosing a lot of self-esteem with all this rudeness :c But it's kind of true im not athletic at all bye)

Yay we can finally leave!

Now, just click "start" and wait 30 seconds!

Go to the kitchen; to get there faster simply click the green world button.

One day wait -sigh- NOT excited for the protein shake :((

Prep Quests! Pt.1

 Hai Hai Hai! I'm filling very preppy (I have no idea what preppy means and its 3 am so let's not judge Ressy) :c

Now lets do dis! Just like usual, go to the Prep Hallway and click on the Door (This time its on the Left wall)

I think they didn't like my weave :( 

Wow offended. Now click on the door and go to the hallway.

Yay! Now the easy quest! Click Start and wait 30 seconds.

I hope you guys don't want me to record myself walking around 10 units.. please don't.

Yay! We're done! Look forward to more tomorrow maybe hopefully

Punk Quest

Ressy #2Punk4U !11 For some reason, I because cuppy... just.. just don't question it. 

Wow. Never knew you were that kinda guy, professor ;o

Professor Preztige more like Professor Punk! (sorry I'm bad at these)
'Aight do the usual, go to the unit said in the objective:
Great. Wish me luck in the convo.

don't take it to heart cuppy#2, they don't understand us.

Fun fun fun, easy part

Dying your pants all black #JustGirlyThings

Yaaaas! Now we just wait a day <3

 I CAN GO TO SLEE- I mean... thank you for joining me, Warriorz <3 And have a lovely day!