Monday, September 21, 2015

Woozworld Updates *dun dun dun*

Hey warriorz! Ressy here! So if you've been on recently on WoozWorld you've probably noticed how there were changes... A LOT of changes! And if you're confused about what I'm talking about, well, that's what this post is for c;

*NOTE: I might be missing some updates; I'll try my best to add things that I forget into the post as people tell me, so if you see something I missed, please tell me so I can add it in*


So I think one of the biggest questions in Woozworld right now is "What is going to happen with Woozguides?" Everyone had different theories such as Woozguides being removed forever or mods adding in a new "Woozguide Election" system that is rumored to exist in other languages of Woozworld. Thankfully, one of the current, active Woozguides CosmicThunder posted on facebook about the new updates that have to do with Woozguides/mods/bans/etc. to clear the confusion:

Tbh, in my opinion, I'm glad that this issue is being discussed because recently I've been seeing a ton of woozens bullying or treating woozguides differently simply because of their position. I look forward to what the future woozguide system will look like, and I'm really excited for Safety Week ^-^

I wish luck to all the current WoozGuides and luck to all the mods <3

New WoozIn


The only acceptable reason for not noticing these updates is if you're Senpai, but I mean how can you not notice THIS:

Going to THIS:

Like, dang, WoozIn-chan got a great MakeOver. Let's go over the updates, shall we?

These are a couple of updates that were mentioned in the Wooz-In tutorial:

Hot friends looking hot ;) And also... I'm suddenly 3 years old? Rounded? Friend Requests also moved off of WoozIn but can still be seen when you log into world. 

You probably noticed a big change in the setup as well! Now you can go to setting through your Wooz-In and not just through the navigation bar, and now theres a new messages button that works both through Wooz-In and Woozworld! 

You probably also noticed the new Newz bar... and you probably noticed the "Activities" written inside it too! For more information on that read Lily's WW blog post  or read the more detailed post by one of our own bloggers, Snow!

Now Now I bet you're all wondering what's inside that "Style Up Your WoozIn" section ;) ;)

BAM! Oh... My... GAWD these are awesome <3 New Wooz-In backgrounds for both VIPS nad NonVips (Now NonVips can have some awesome-sauce backgrounds too)

Also, now your inventory items automatically move to their original spots once you take them off (looks like picking outfits suddenly got harder, but at least it keeps the organization neater!)

Obviously, there are a lot of other things that you may notice like the new handy dandy "set profile picture" button (now I can be a unicorn AND be human at the same time!)

New Woozens

Yes you read that title right! You probably have seen a lot of things in your inventory suddenly going untransferable... and I'm here to explain that ;) 

Begging your Woozworld adventure has never been so luxurious! I love the new set up and I think it's a perfect introduction that goes over everything so well! You are allowed to created an account, but don't have access to many features like Wooz-In, talking, and voting without saving your account. 

Let's go over the process from the start:

After selecting your language, you have a lot of options for how you want to look like, with many new faces (some that even we have never seen in WoozWorld before) and many gawjuss options for outfits, kind of reminds you of the old-old set up, but with less clothing options! You can also safely switch between genders without resetting your appearance in the other gender.

You can then select from four units, they are different depending on what gender you choose to play with, with which you can start your adventure.


If you're new, you can go through a detailed tutorial on how to play Woozworld where Jane helps you learn about things like walking, unit designing, shopz, and many more!

Here are some of the images before you first enter the world; Certainly helpful for new members:

New Clique Quests

With the new Quest Journal, you just have to have new quests, and what quest better to do than a clique-related quest? Each Clique got their own quest with one common goal: Find out more about Fil and Eva! But this task won't be as easy, and if you wanna learn more you can read Lily's brief blog post about the update or look out for my post on how to complete these quests. 

Well, that's all for now! If you see something I didn't mention here, please do tell <3

Ressy out ^-^